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We are certified Cloud Service Provider of Microsoft who has house of experts to assist Azure technology and Power BI platform.

A Business Intelligence (BI) project can be complicated and long-lasting, with pain-points appearing along the way.  We provide end-to-end services to take care of all aspects of your BI journey.

Powermen BI Service Team

We have established BI Service team for over five years and we now name the team to be Powermen BI service team to mainly focus on BI service implementation using Microsoft Power BI tool and soon to be Microsoft Synapse Analytics. We embrace best practice and professional concepts.

Powemen BI service team comes with house of experts that are specialized in data management, BI Analytics , advanced analytics with machine learning and AI innovation.  We are responsible of concept & design, data warehouse and data lake implementation, data model optimization, data visualization includes report and dashboards, end to end implementation, deployment and support.

Connect your customer data, operation data, financial data, unstructured IOT data, transaction data with Microsoft Power BI to customize dashboards and reports.

Power BI



Requirement Gathering

House Of Experts On

Azure Platform

Based on our in-depth analysis on the collected user requirements, we help our clients to design the appropriate solutions that fits our clients, which should align with their business strategy and budget. 

Our house of experts have extensive knowledge in the Azure platform, we help our clients to build the platform utilizing the power of Azure. With pay-as-you-go, we would advise you the type of components you need on your platform based on the requirement of your business cases. Rely on Microsoft expertise in AI research, responsible AI, and cloud, data, and developer platforms to surface insights and knowledge that help your business better.

We have the capability to assist you to build custom apps with embedded insight by using Microsoft Power Apps.

When clients are uncertain about the type of data toolset they need for their organization, we will provide a requirement workshop to help assess each of their user’s requirement and pain-points.


Requirements from our clients are collected into an evaluation score-card with the following aspects:
•    Competency and experience 
•    Capacity Commitment 
•    Cost and Budget
•    Consistency and Control 
•    Communication Flexibility

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Architecture Design

An effective BI architecture sets the crucial foundation for the BI project implementation. Explora has a house of experienced solution architects to design BI architecture for companies of all sizes from different industries.

Data Insight

BI Development &

Data Integration &


We provide data preparation service to map your data from different source systems to a single data platform and thereby connect to the visualization tool. The performance of the full platform also depends on how you plan your data design and data model, optimization is one of the key success to scale up the platform in long run.

Implementation and


Explora is delivery-focus with dedicated project manager and BI consultants to support you throughout your BI journey, to ensure that your BI project can be launched in a timely and quality manner. Training and on-going support services will also be provided to users.