ERP software integrates customer relationship management (CRM), order management, scheduling, production, inventory, human resources, accounting and others into one complete system. This allows business data to flow seamlessly across your organization.

However, many businesses have nothing but headaches with their existing ERP system. Their system either has too many bells and whistles, it’s too confusing, it’s outdated, it’s not designed for their industry or it doesn’t do what they specifically need it to do. So, that’s where our team comes in. Our consulting services help you navigate choosing the correct ERP software.


Over time, companies change and evolve, so they need flexible ERP software based on their needs. The decision to create a custom solution or purchase an off-the-shelf system depends on different factors.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consulting services sort through ERP Vendors & features to find the right build, buy or both software solution for you.


In most situations, purchasing an off-the-shelf-system can reduce risk, be implemented faster and cost less. The downside to this solution is the “one size fits all” approach, which may not work well for your business processes or needs.

Some companies will benefit more from creating a custom ERP software solution. If your market differentiators stand out from your competitors, your ERP system needs to reflect this. Building a custom ERP solution may be the only way to include these differentiators. We can help you sort through the ERP vendors and options to find the best ERP system to fit your  needs.


At Explora, we will help you choose the best ERP software system through our proven techniques. We utilize process mapping, creating a “must-haves” feature list, conducting vendor interviews and completing demonstrations with your team.

Our team has worked with companies of all sizes in many different industries – from startups to multi million dollar businesses. We have experience in the skills you need.

We do the legwork for you, researching your company’s specific needs. Our software engineers will meet with your team to interview key players, identify their pain points and help you avoid the pitfalls in selecting or building the best ERP software system for your business.