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We are certified Cloud Service Provider of Microsoft who has house of experts mastering the knowledge of Azure technology and Power BI platform.

Business Intelligence (BI) Training courses are available for technical or business professionals.


As part of Explora Academy, we provide a series of Power BI Training to educate both business and technical professionals through classroom training and online training tailored for your needs. Soon or later we will add Microsoft Synapse Analytics into training courses.

Microsoft Power BI is one of the most widely used business intelligence and data analytics platforms. Power BI is cloud-based and delivered on the Azure Cloud. On-prem capabilities also exist for individual users.

Power BI is powerful because it enables users to do data preparation, data discovery, and dashboards with the same design tool. The platform integrates with Excel and Office 365, and has a very active user community that extends the tool’s capabilities.


As we want to assist users to gain practical skills of Power BI during work, we have designed various courses for the designer, consumer, and administrator. We provide zero to hero learning path for clients to learn technical skills on your own.

Our Course Overview


This course is to help you get started with Microsoft Power BI. We'll start from the basics and then move on to more advanced concepts step by step. We'll lead you through the whole designer journey of getting your data into Power BI to visualize it in reports and dashboards. 

Level: Entry 

D101 Course

This course allows you to better handle different types and shapes of input data source by diving into more advanced capabilities and features of Power Query. You will also be introduced to DAX, which helps you write complex calculations to derive deeper insights from your data. 

Level: Intermediate

D201 Course

This course guides you to organized your data with general data models and best practices. You’ll also learn to enhance your reports and dashboards with advanced visuals and enriched contents. ​

Level: Intermediate

D202 Course

This course is to introduce advanced DAX by sharing generally reusable solutions (DAX patterns). You’ll learn to perform complex calculations to solve problems in real case scenarios, such as time-related calculations, like-to-like comparison, and ranking.

Level: Advanced

D301 Course

This course is to enable you to perform advanced data analytics including root cause analysis and what-if analysis with advanced visuals. You’ll also learn to leverage advanced analytics techniques, external tools and Excel for additional functionality and value.

Level: Advanced

D302 Course

This course is to extend your capabilities with Power BI Premium. You will be able to use Power BI dataflows for self-service data preparation. You will also learn how to apply AI-enabled features for advanced analysis. 

Level: Advanced

*Applicable To Power BI Premium Only

D401 Course

This course is to extend your capabilities with Power BI Premium. You will be able to create paginated reports optimized for printing and sharing. 

Level: Advanced

*Applicable To Power BI Premium Only

D402 Course


This course is to help you get started as a Microsoft Power BI consumer. We'll start from the basic concepts and then you'll learn how to review and interact the dashboards, reports, and apps when receiving content from colleagues to make business decisions. ​

Level: Entry 

C101 Course

This course is to take you from a Power BI beginner to a power user. You'll explore ways of data analytics and get ready to create reports and dashboards to answer your own data questions. 

Level: Intermediate

C201 Course

This course is to enhance your data analytics skills by leveraging advanced visuals and machine learning capabilities. We'll also explore ways of using Power BI and Excel in conjunction and the benefits of integrating these two powerful and versatile environments.​

Level: Intermediate

C301 Course

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