Explora’s First Webinar with Microsoft was Successfully Held

Updated: May 22, 2020

Well attended in high participation rate, Explora's first webinar on "Retail Refurbishment: Create Business Opportunities with Your Data" was successfully held on 27 February 2020. Thank you Microsoft Hong Kong for fully supporting and co-organizing the webinar with us.

Dora, the CEO of Explora, gave an opening of the webinar and a brief introduction of Explora and Hummingbird Analytics. She also brought up the importance of having a well-established data strategy and proper data management to help companies prepare for the exciting future.

Mike, the Cloud Solution Architect - Data & AI of Microsoft Hong Kong, shared the latest AI, BI and IoT trend and application in retail scenarios. He also talked about how Intelligent Supply Chain can help achieve "right product at the right time" and shared some real cases of using Personalizer to enhance e-shoppers' recommendation experience.

Edmond, our BI Consultant, shared some tips and tricks to implement AI and BI projects successfully. He emphasised the importance of identifying Business Glossary and Business Cases, and demonstrated how our cloud solution Hummingbird Analytics with AI engines can solve pain-points that companies are commonly facing.

Terry, our Business Strategist, showed some real client success cases using Hummingbird Analytics and our BI and data management services surrounding Microsoft Azure platform. During the moment, Terry amplified the business value about using immediate BI Cloud Solution Hummingbird Analytics. He mentioned that clients could gain most of the best practice offered in Hummingbird Analytics. He also triggered some questions to audience and audience were able to re-assess their priority in implementing data strategy, identify the needs about their readiness towards BI analytics. Not only tool and technology you need, Terry mentioned clients should select a long-term partner to work with them about BI data innovation, a partner should bring a long-term benefit and value to the clients.

Many topics have been covered in the two-hour session, and we were glad to have received many relevant questions during the Q&A session.

We hope everyone gained some useful takeaway from it. In light of the recent viral pandemic, we will continue the Webinar mode for upcoming seminars and workshops in 2020 Q1 and Q2. Let's stay connected, and we can't wait to have you again soon in our next show!


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