[EVENT] From Excel to Data Analytics Seminar Successfully Held

Updated: May 22, 2020

The Explora seminar From Excel to Data Analytics - Use the Right Tool for the Right Job was held successfully on Dec 14, 2018. Thank our valued guests and audience for coming.

The seminar held by Explora on Dec 14, 2018 involved mainly SMEs from the retail industry. During the two-hour session, our speakers brought about innovative ideas, brought up interesting questions and emphasized the importance of using data with the right tool in the correct way.

Dora, the founder and principal consultant of Explora, gave an opening of the seminar and a brief introduction of the seminar.

Laurent, our senior solution architect, talked about the transformation from Excel tabular data to alive data. Excel is always the precious tool that rules all business users. Business intelligence is not to take this tool away from them, but to help build and maintain the relationship between people and data.

Edmond, our BI consultant, followed with a talk on data stories. It's widely believed that data has meanings, but not everyone is aware of how to discover what data has to say. Here, Edmond educated the audience about the potential value of data with vivd graphs and visuals.

Jacky, our guest speaker from Diebold Nixdorf, also shared his insights on store transformation. When people are worrying that offline stores might be totally replaced by online ones, they ignore the emotional connection with people built only in stores. Jacky then introduced some techniques for retailers to offer what consumers are expecting.

We were glad to see that the audience grabbed some new thoughts from the sharing of speakers and showed great passion to dig into data analytics in their own business cases.

Thanks again for everyone's efforts. Explora is actively preparing for more value-bringing seminars. The next one coming up will be on Jan 24, 2019. Hope to see you there!

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