[EVENT] Precision Marketing and Loyalty in the Cloud

Updated: May 22, 2020

Explora is hosting seminars with our valued clients and partners to discuss on business needs and scenarios and share professional insights.

On March 9, 2018, the seminar 'Precision Marketing and Loyalty in the Cloud' hosted by SAP Hybris partnering Explora was a complete success. Thanks for all the guests coming over.

During the 90-minute seminar, several topics were covered including Precision Marketing, CRM, BI Analytics, Data Collection and the interlinks in-between. The discussion went even deeper when we came across different business scenarios provided by clients. It was great to have marketing power users share their business needs, professional insights and points of view. Although the scenarios might be specific, all marketing users shared the same ultimate goal with key words 'profitability measurement', 'cost saving' and 'customer acquisition maximisation', which are exactly the key contributors to a business success.

The audience also expressed their heavy needs on data tools to enable them to make better business decisions. The following questions were asked. Are loyalty members real and active members? Which customer segment should they spent more on marketing and which one can be dropped from campaigns to save cost? How effective can re-marketing be in terms of business profits? How to optimise marketing channels online and offline? In order to get correct answers, it is time to explore the right tool, the right solution and best practices.

Explora is hosting seminars on a regular basis. We also had a similar seminar partnered with SAP Hybris last year, in 2017. Meet our team who made the great event.

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