We can be your technology integration partner to help work with you on M&A architecture and infrastructure shifts, and system integration.


Explora would align the focus with your overall objectives and operational goals, follow the planned approach with you to enable basic challenges to be prepared for well in advance.


Let's start on landscape

For any merger and acquisitions, you would have to start with a map of the current landscape. As you are trying to enable new processes and maximize synergies, map out the current processes of each organization. Start realizing which systems in place, what processes they support and why? Analyze the interdependencies of existing processes, examine whether what should be kept, enhanced or replaced, and evaluate how they affect the client’s post-merger business functions. Your goal is to capture the combined business capabilities and requirements then further prioritize them for the upcoming IT integration plan.

Ready to Achieve M&A IT Integration Success?

A successful post-merger technology integration strategy requires a thorough analysis of the current state of IT at each organization as well as the ideal future state.


The right integration strategy always lean on cost-effective and optimized architecture. This is only achievable with a clear understanding of the new business requirements, harnessing the right people, processes and technology.  Make sure to leverage the necessary expertise and best practice approach for developing an IT integration strategy that lays the groundwork for both short-term operational consolidation and long-term business growth. We can become your partner to help on technology integration.

Infrastructure optimization Implementation


IT integration managers will leverage Infrastructure optimization best practices such as simplification, standardization, virtualization and consolidation to reduce integration complexity, redundancy and deployment time.

It gets you in a prime position to better understand the overall picture and how to tackle the integration project with a comprehensive approach. We will be your infrastructure partner for the implemetnation.

Data Protection

Data protection has become a feature of M&A due diligence since introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  in 2018, and certain aspects of data management will be under scrutiny. The acquiring organization will want to know whether personal data stored in the customer contact systems has consent for use post-M&A.


From a technical perspective, there may also be a change in assigned data ‘controller’, which would need to be communicated to impacted individuals in the database and is likely to require read / write controls to be managed. All of this is easier in an integrated environment where data sharing is created through database links rather than import / export activity that exposes data to security risk. We are experts in data management and we can help you in this area.