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Show your passion and creativity in every solution.

Business is a combination of opportunities and extraordinary challenges. In order to understand the dynamism business and exploit opportunities, organisations need access to current accurate, and actionable inputs and knowledge for strategic decision making.

We research on your customers, prospects and markets, we analyse market segment, industries and companies.

Business solution varies at every stage of a business - at the launch of your business, during the operations stage and at the growth stage, our actionable insights surrounding data and information would add value to your business.

Explora assists you at every stage of your business in terms of data transformation journey.




Data provide users with power, the power of knowledge. Understand the past & Predict the future.

Data Discovery is not a tool, it is a business user oriented process for detecting patterns and outliers by visually navigating data or applying guided advanced analytics.


Discovery is an iterative process that does not require extensive upfront model creation.


We cluster it into 3 main categories:


  • Data preparation

  • Visual analysis

  • Guided advanced analytics


Explora assists you in implementing your data discovery strategy, using the right toolset to meet your expectation and sustain your decision process making. 


While business intelligence can be a very broad term, at Explora it is knowing exactly what is going to drive value and increase revenue for your business. To know that is to know who your end user is, what influences their decisions, and how they consume their information.


90% of the data that exists today was created in the last two years alone, going forward, the rate of data creation is going to accelerate, what is the point of all that sea of data without an insightful information? Businesses are finding it a conundrum to decipher meaningful insights out of its all, this is where business intelligence can chip in - from marketing to sales to customer service.


Identify the perfect match for your business.

When clients are not certain what type of solution they need for their company and organization. We will provide a requirement workshop to help assess each of their user’s requirement and painpoint. Then we will use our collected requirement and wish-list to help client shortlist some appropriate vendors. We assist our clients to evaluate and approve potential suppliers by quantitative assessment. We have delivered this service to our clients and helped them sort out a successful solution which fits their organization and team at a reasonable timeframe.

The purpose is to ensure a portfolio of best in class suppliers is available for our clients. We collect client’s requirement into an evaluation score-card, measure and monitor their performance for the purpose of reducing cost, mitigating risk and driving continuous improvement. Those are factors we are using to evaluate vendor for our clients: ​


  • Competency and experience

  • Capacity Commitment

  • Cost and Budget

  • Consistency and Control

  • Communication Flexibility




Are you getting what you asked for?

The ultimate goal of any software development effort is to ship a high-quality product within a certain period of time and within a certain budget. Explora has an experienced QA and testing team providing various types of software testing services to achieve different objectives during the development cycle - From tailoring a QA strategy and processes, performing test activities to Test Automation.


Explora's QA and testing services ensure the developed product/services meet intended requirements from your business, such as performance standard, security standard etc. Our Test Automation solution is the best way to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of your software testing. We have provided this service to our clients such as Retail, Entertainment and Hotel, Real Estate, Insurance, Telecommuting, etc.